GFB Swing Drives

GFB Swing Drives
GFB Swing DrivesGFB Swing Drives GFB Swing DrivesGFB Swing Drives GFB Swing DrivesGFB Swing Drives
Untitled document Our GFB Swing drives are widely used in  tower cranes, wind turbines, aerial platforms, discharge booms and excavation and construction equipment.

These GFB swing drives can withstand very high torque values while maintaining reduced dimensions, reduced weight and high efficiency. The wide range of ratios available enables the selection of a motor size and type which best suits users requirements: hydraulic, electric, pneumatic. Simple mounting, operating reliability and versatility make these GFB swing drives suitable for the most severe duties and environments.

Type / ModelGFB 17 T2GFB 17 T3GFB 26 T2GFB 36 T2GFB 36 T3GFB 40 T2GFB 50 T3
Output-Crane (Nm)12000120001650026000260002900035000
Ratio(i)18 - 4778 - 10624- 13420 - 2967 - 14442 - 52112 - 176
Hydraulic motorA2FE45A2FE45A2FE63A2FE63A2FE63A2FE63A2FE63
Weight (kg)150150276299259299362

Type / ModelGFB 60 T2GFB 60 T3GFB 80 T3GFB 110 T3
Output-Crane (Nm)48500485006830093300
Ratio(i)32-4086 - 18163 - 18762-212
Hydraulic motorA2FE125A2FE125A2FE125A2FE90
Weight (kg)449489621782


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